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Wrapping Up Another Great COMMON Conference

Posted by on Tuesday, 8 May, 2012

Like many in our industry, we do our fair share of trade shows, and as anyone who has ever exhibited will tell you, it’s a lot of work.

In our company, Lu Ann handles all of the arrangements.  She books the plane tickets, reserves the rooms, secures the exhibition space, orders the exhibitor badges, organizes and ships the collateral, and coordinates a thousand other details to ensure everything goes smoothly for the team when they arrive.

The sales team does all of the manual labor, including packing and repacking the booth displays and equipment, helping load and unload the heavy boxes onto the shipping company’s truck, and of course setting up and tearing down the booth.  Again, so many details to manage to make sure everything is perfect for the opening of the show.

Months in advance, our marketing team is planning giveaways and prizes, updating collateral, and trying to add new ways to catch visitors’ attention.

Throughout the show, we’re working hard to connect, meeting new trade show participants and vendors, and reconnecting with long-time customers and partners.  We’re striking up conversations with people who pass our booth, and we’re walking the floor saying hi to old friends and introducing ourselves to new ones.  It’s an energizing, exhausting, rewarding process.

And of all of the trade shows that we attend and/or where we exhibit, COMMON holds a special place for us.  The COMMON community is tightly knit and loyal, and every show is like a family reunion.    New deals are forged, partnerships are discovered, and all the while relationships are built and nurtured.  When we reconnect with customers or friends, it’s as if we’re just picking up the conversation right where we left off from last year’s COMMON conference.

As I approach my one-year anniversary as marketing manager at Linoma Software, I’m fortunate to have been invited to attended my first COMMON conference. When our president Bob Luebbe toured me around from booth to booth introducing me to people, I quickly realized the level of connection Linoma has with the IBM i community.

It was wonderful to finally meet in person all of the folks I’d been working with all year:  Jennifer and Megan from iPro Developer; Chris, Kara, David and Jeff from MC Press; Tami and Darryl from IBM Systems Magazine; Dan,Timothy, Kim and Jenny with IT Jungle; and Dan Cheney, our most prolific blogger on this and the GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer blog whom I finally got to hug.  It was especially amazing to spend quality time with my friend and mentor Bill Rice, with Humanized Communication.

Today, as we’re breaking down the booth, saying goodbye to friends, and anticipating the long flights home, it’s clear that the IBM i community is thriving.  We are proud to be a part of it all, and are already planning for next spring’s COMMON conference.


Susan Baird

Susan is the Marketing Manager at Linoma Software, helping promote our secure file transfer and encryption solutions. Her specialty is content creation and social media marketing, and you can find out more about her by viewing her LinkedIn profile.

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AIX Webinar Next Week To Make File Transfers Easier

Posted by on Wednesday, 4 April, 2012

AIX file transfers, managed file transferAs any AIX administrator or programmer knows, file transfers can be a huge headache.  Writing all of those shell scripts is not only time consuming, but it’s tedious and presents many opportunities for errors.  Then there’s keeping track of which files need to be sent, which need to be placed in the DMZ for trading partners to retrieve, and which ones may be being sent ad-hoc from elsewhere in the company.

Another huge hassle is verifying that every file actually reached its intended recipient intact, which often requires checking multiple times and then tracking down what went wrong.

Finally, don’t forget the pressure to meet compliance regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, and state privacy laws.  With the Global Systems data breach still fresh in the news, it’s obvious that no AIX administrator wants to have to explain how sensitive data was compromised.

Fortunately, there are tools and processes available that can minimize the time and effort involved with file transfers while increasing efficiency and data security.

We invite you to sit in on this AIX-only webinar on Thursday, April 12, at noon CDT to learn about how a managed file transfer solution can cure the headaches of manual file transfers while preventing future headaches related to the possibility of compromised data.

We hope you’ll join us!

AIX webinar, managed file transfer

Susan Baird

Susan is the Marketing Manager at Linoma Software, helping promote our secure file transfer and encryption solutions. Her specialty is content creation and social media marketing, and you can find out more about her by viewing her LinkedIn profile.

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Linoma Software is at RSA Right Now!

Posted by on Tuesday, 28 February, 2012

Linoma Software, data encryption, managed file transferIf RSA means data security and data integrity to you, then you’ll understand why any company interested in protecting the data of its customers would be at the RSA Conference 2012 in San Francisco this week. The annual RSA conference, “The Great Cipher – Mightier than the Sword” is rolling out the red carpet at the Moscone Center for companies of all sizes to learn about cyber threats, data breaches, social engineering, compliance, risk management, and cloud security.

For years, Linoma Software has been encrypting and protecting sensitive and personally identifiable information in computing environments covering non-profit, enterprise and government institutions. Participating in the annual RSA Conference provides the opportunity for thousands of companies to come and see the new secure communication features in the GoAnywhere Suite of products.

New features like Cyber Attack Monitors, Secure Mail that hosts and securely delivers ad-hoc files to recipients and Wizards that build complex conditions for ETL data handling and transformation have been generating a lot of buzz.

If you’re at the RSA conference, stop by Booth #239 and say hi to the Linoma Software team.  You can also hear a five-minute intro as to why compliance fears and data breaches are not part of the GoAnywhere lexicon. If you’re not at the RSA Conference, be sure to visit the GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer page for more details.

Dirk Zwart

Dirk Zwart writes Linoma Software’s User Guides for the GoAnywhere secure file transfer applications. Dirk’s writing topics have covered everything from hardware manuals, software guides, security policies for compliance projects and reviews of consumer electronics. Follow Dirk and Linoma Software on Linkedin or Facebook/Twitter.

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