Linoma Software celebrates 20 Year Anniversary

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Linoma Software-20 Year-FINALLinoma Software is celebrating 20 years in helping organizations around the world to automate their IT processes and protect sensitive data. The company will commemorate this milestone anniversary with the much anticipated unveiling of their new corporate headquarters, groundbreaking new software releases and promotional events throughout the next twelve months.

“From the beginning, our goal has been to provide great products at affordable prices that are backed with unparalleled customer support and service,” said Linoma Software founder, Bob Luebbe. “We attribute our success over the last 20 years to this simple company philosophy. It encompasses all that we do.”

Looking Back: A Modest Beginning

Husband and wife team, Bob and Christy Luebbe, started Linoma out of their home in 1994 to provide IT consulting and contract programming services to area businesses. The concept was simple, in that they offered experienced IT talent for affordable rates.

By late 1995, the Luebbes had hired several consultants to service their expanding customer base which included Fortune 500 companies such as Union Pacific, First Data Resources and Hewlett-Packard. They also officially opened their first office in Omaha, Nebraska to offer offsite programming services to out-of-state customers.

Around 1996, Bob had an idea for a product that addressed the challenge of converting legacy IBM RPG code to the new RPG IV (ILE RPG) language. During his off hours, Luebbe built the Convert to ILE RPG software, named it CVTILERPG and released it on a programming list server as a downloadable file. This proved to be a move that was ahead of its time as most software for IBM systems was distributed by mail and installed using cumbersome tapes.

BobLuebbeLinomaSoftwareCVTILERPG became an overnight success as a convenient-to-install and affordable utility, which paved the way for Linoma to evolve into a software company. Many of the original users of CVTILERPG (now called RPG Toolbox) are still loyal customers today.

Finding ways to make tasks easier and more efficient has always been the core of Linoma Software’s approach to software development. From creating graphical interfaces for the AS/400 in 1997 with Surveyor/400, to the debut of Transfer Anywhere in 2002, to encrypting databases with Crypto Complete in 2007, Luebbe and his growing R&D team continued to innovate and streamline processes for the IBM i. As new products were developed and released, Linoma put an emphasis on affordability and five-star support, which the company is known for.

The release of GoAnywhere Director in early 2008 was a turning point for the company. Quickly becoming the flagship product for Managed File Transfer and secure data exchange, the multi-platform software delivered full automation, encryption and detailed audit trails for file transfers. Following shortly after in 2009, the introduction of GoAnywhere Services expanded the product offering to support secure file services using FTP, FTPS, SFTP and HTTP protocols. GoAnywhere Gateway joined the product suite in 2010 with enhanced forward and reverse proxy to protect files in the DMZ.

Looking Forward: Success through Innovation

As the GoAnywhere software suite continues to grow and evolve, the company has grown as well. Linoma Software has been named to the Inc. 5000 list of top growing companies in Nebraska for the past two years. Their customer base consists of over 3,000 installations worldwide including government entities, large corporations and mid-sized companies. Boasting over a 98% customer retention rate, Linoma Software continues to win customers over through innovation, affordable product offerings and responsive product enhancements.

According to Luebbe, “Several of our customers have been with us since the beginning. They love the products and rave about our support. We’re thrilled to be celebrating 20 years and it’s because our customers truly appreciate what we do. Without their trust and support, we wouldn’t be here. It’s that simple, and we are truly grateful.”

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Hoffman Building Ashland, NE 1957

Hoffman Building in Ashland, NE around 1957

Built in 1917, the Hoffman Building has contributed to the rich history of historic Ashland, Nebraska for nearly 100 years. Located between Omaha and Lincoln, the building stands sentry in the heart of downtown Ashland at the corner of 14th and Silver Street. The two story landmark is undergoing transformations to become the future home of Linoma Software‘s corporate headquarters.

A Little History:

West Entrance Hoffman Building Ashland NE

Original West Entrance to the Hoffman Building – Date Unknown (Source: Ashland Historical Society)

The present day Hoffman Building is a two story brick structure that was constructed to house a grocery and department store. The business, George Hoffman’s Co., was founded in 1884 by Oscar Hoffman at the age of 16 and was named for his father who had to sign his business documents until he was of age. In 1888, Oscar joined forces with his brother John and the business became Hoffman Brothers until 1908 when he went solo again and renamed the business, Oscar Hoffman, General Merchandise.

The business later relocated to it’s final home in the newly built Hoffman Building in 1917, during a time when the city of Ashland was experiencing a major building boom. Not only could one buy groceries at Hoffman’s, there was also a wide variety of dry goods including everything from shoes, bedding and curtains to golf gloves, yarn and toys.  A forward thinker, Oscar Hoffman often added to the store’s offerings and even provided delivery service. He ensured his new building would serve him well in the years to come by making sure it was outfitted with modern steam heat, electricity and a telephone, but he didn’t stop there.

Hoffman Auditorium Original Sign

Hoffman Auditorium Original Sign (Source: Ashland Historical Society)

In addition to Oscar Hoffman’s Store, the building’s second floor was home to the Hoffman Auditorium. A hub in the community, the auditorium was used for a myriad of community events including playing host to live plays, movies, dances, events and local celebrations. In times of crisis, the auditorium served the community well. When fire destroyed the original school building in 1919, high school classes were held there until the new building was completed. During World War II, sewing machines were brought in and the auditorium became a sterile environment for local women to stitch war-time bandages. Like the store, the auditorium space was considered to be state-of-the-art for its time with large dressing rooms, storage space, electric lights and a freight elevator to transport props and gear to the second floor. At the Hoffman Auditorium, Ashland residents were able to experience a variety of fine entertainment acts from performances by big names such as Tommy Dorsey to a traveling minstrel troupe and a tight-wire act.

Hoffman Building Ashland NE Circa 1919

Looking west on Silver Street – Circa 1919. The Hoffman Building is on the left with the “x” (Source: Ashland HIstorical Society)

The Hoffman Building has played a prominent role in the history and development of Ashland. Over the years, the Hoffman Store evolved to become primarily a grocery store until sometime in the 1980s when it finally closed its doors after decades of serving the Ashland community. Donco Tools occupied the building for a few years, along with a variety of other retail businesses including a flower shop, photography studio, café and The Brickhouse, a gym which currently occupies space on the lower level .

In December 2012, the building was purchased by new owners Bob and Christy Luebbe who announced plans to renovate the space for use as the corporate headquarters of their company, Linoma Software. “We love the downtown area and really wanted to stay here,” said Bob Luebbe, “The building was the right size for our rapidly growing company and I loved the history, the high ceilings and wide expanses. It just spoke to being a great collaborative space for a technology company like Linoma Software”.

Then and Now:

Hoffman Building 2012 (Source: Ashland Historical Society)

Hoffman Building 2012 (Source: Ashland Historical Society)

The Hoffman Building has shown considerable wear and tear over the years, withstanding a pigeon infestation in the 1990s, surviving roof damage, broken windows and multiple water leaks. Despite its age and variety of owners and occupants, many of the original features have remained surprisingly intact. Because of the beauty and character of the building’s original features, the Luebbes pledged to be diligent about preserving as much as possible during the renovation process. With the building pursuant to the National Register of Historic Places, the restoration plan is following their guidelines for historic preservation. Restoring and retaining the original pressed tin ceilings, surviving light fixtures, period trim and original stage backdrops from the 1920s — along with refinishing the solid maple floors — requires a lot of work and patience but, according to Luebbe, it will be well worth the effort.

“The state historical committee has been flexible in allowing for us to make it into a useable space while preserving as much history as possible. There are items like central heat and air that we need in a business space but, in order to remain compliant with electrical, fire and safety codes, some of these modernizations and updates required adjustments in certain areas of the building. The historical committee understands this and has been great to work with in identifying workable solutions.”

Hoffman Building - Original Stage Painted Backdrop (currently undergoing restoration)

Hoffman Building Stage Backdrop

Restoration efforts are currently in progress and have included aforementioned overhauls of the electrical and HVAC systems along with a new elevator and brand new staircases. The first floor will house a large conference and training facility. The second floor will consist of a lobby and reception area, offices and collaborative space along with a kitchen and recreational area for employees. The building is slated for completion in early 2015.

Hoffman Auditorium Stairwell

Original stairwell that provided street access to the ticket booth, cloak room and auditorium.

Celebrating 20 years in business, Linoma Software provides secure managed file transfer solutions for thousands of customers worldwide with their GoAnywhere suite of products and IBM i software. “It’s an exciting time for us,” says Luebbe “We have experienced rapid growth in recent years which facilitated the need for a larger space. The Hoffman Building couldn’t be more perfect for us.” Named one of the Fastest Growing Companies in Nebraska by Inc 5000 for the past two years, it’s easy to see how the company might require more space for their staff. Luebbe says that everyone is excited about the move and looking forward to working in the historically significant building.

While new construction might be faster and easier, Bob Luebbe was determined to see the Hoffman building restored, “It’s a beautiful building with a rich history that we found to be fascinating. Our goal has been to preserve the history of the building for future generations but also make it into a functional space for Linoma Software. While the process of renovating a historical building takes a lot of time and patience, we are hoping that the end result can be appreciated for another hundred years or more.”

[To learn more about the history of the building, please visit the Ashland Historical Society’s page on the Hoffman Building.]

How to keep your IBM i data and file transfers secure while maintaining compliance

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IBM i It seems commonplace to hear about data or security breaches on the news these days. With the threat of steep fines and loss of trust in your brand, the impact a breach can have on a business of any size could be devastating. If your organization utilizes IBM i systems for transferring files and sensitive data, you need to understand the risks involved and know how to proactively reduce those risks.

At the COMMON 2014 Annual Meeting and Exposition in Orlando, Florida, Linoma Software’s Bob Luebbe and Ron Byrd will be presenting two sessions targeting IBM i data encryption issues and how you can protect yourself.


Is Your Sensitive Data Secure? Are You Compliant?
If you are responsible for the security of your organization’s sensitive data (credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc.) and maintaining compliance with IBM i 7.1, you can’t afford to miss this afternoon session.  Bob Luebbe and Ron Byrd will explore Encryption with DB2 Field Procedures in V7R1. You will learn how the new DB2 Field Procedures in IBM i 7.1 can be used to provide transparent database column (field) encryption along with useful tips and techniques you can apply in the workplace.

Encryption with DB2 Field Procedures in V7R1
When: Wednesday, May 7, 2014 •  2:00pm – 3:15pm
Where: Pacifica Ballroom 5 – Loews Royal Pacific Resort
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Using FTP for transmitting data can get the job done but what are the security risks? If you understand the pros and cons of secure protocols, using keys and certificates and the ins and outs of dual factor authentication, you can reduce company risk and secure files transmitted with IBM i systems.


BeyondFTPsessionQRAre You Using Standard FTP or PC Tools to Transmit?
If You Are, Your Sensitive Data Is At Risk.
Your sensitive data is at risk of being exposed if you use standard FTP or PC tools to transmit data to or from the IBM i. Don’t miss Beyond FTP: Securing File Transfers. In this information packed 75 minute session,  Bob Luebbe and Ron Byrd will show how to use certificates and keys to authenticate trade partners. Plus, learn about popular encryption methods including OpenPGP, SFTP, FTPS, HTTPS, and ZIP/AES to keep your data safe.


Beyond FTP: Securing File Transfers
When: Wednesday, May 7, 2014 •  5:00pm – 6:15pm
Where: Pacifica Ballroom 9 – Loews Royal Pacific Resort
Scan the QR code above to add this event to your calendar.


Even if you can’t make it to the sessions,  we hope you’ll stop by the Common 2014 Exposition on May 5th and 6th and visit with the Linoma Software team in booth 405. Our team is ready to answer your questions about keeping your file transfers secure on the IBM i with our software solutions. We have a limited number of Expo passes we’d be happy to share. If you are interested in attending, please contact us at 800-949-4696 and mention this article or send us a tweet on twitter @LinomaSoftware.

Linoma Software products are not affected by Heartbleed bug

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Heartbleed bug graphic from heartbleed.comIf you are a Linoma Software customer using any of our products such as the GoAnywhere suite (Director, Services, Gateway, Open PGP Studio), Crypto Complete, Surveyor/400 or the RPG Toolbox, we are pleased to report that our products are NOT vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug.  

The CVE-2014-0160 exploit, or Heartbleed bug, has made big headlines over the last 48 hours. The Heartbleed bug exploits vulnerabilities in the popular OpenSSL server software potentially allowing the memory of SSL/TLS encrypted systems to be compromised. The bug essentially allows access to the memory of the SSL/TLS protected systems and attackers can potentially steal and read formerly encrypted information such as usernames and passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive data.  To learn more about the Heartbleed bug please visit  Additional resources allow you to check and see if your website or server is affected by the Heartbleed bug:  Heartbleed Test and LastPass Heartbleed Checker.

GoAnywhere Suite (Director, Services, Gateway, Open PGP Studio)
GoAnywhere does not use native libraries for SSL/TLS and relies on the JSSE libraries of the JVM that GoAnywhere is running on. This exploit does not exist in the JSSE implementation of SSL/TLS.  While Tomcat does, however, have the ability to utilize native SSL/TLS capabilities for its HTTP/S connections with the APR Connectors, GoAnywhere does not employ this functionality.
GoAnywhere Secure File Transfer mobile apps:
For Apple devices: The GoAnywhere Apple app uses the Secure Transport implementation of SSL/TLS and is not affected by Heartbleed.
For Android devices:  The GoAnywhere Android app uses the JSSE implementation of SSL/TLS and is not affected by Heartbleed.

Surveyor/400 does not use native libraries for SSL/TLS and relies on the JSSE libraries of the JVM that Surveyor/400 is running on. This exploit does not exist in the JSSE implementation of SSL/TLS.

Crypto Complete:
Crypto Complete does not use SSL/TLS for Field or Backup encryption and is not affected by Heartbleed.

RPG Toolbox:  Our RPG toolbox does not use any encryption and is not affected by Heartbleed. 

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